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En tant que citoyen de l’UE, vous avez des droits

Du 9 mai au 9 septembre 2012, vous avez la possibilité de donner votre avis sur vos droits en tant que citoyen européen.

  • Avez-vous déjà rencontré des difficultés en vous rendant dans un autre pays de l’UE?
  • Avez-vous déjà eu des problèmes en effectuant des achats en ligne dans un autre pays de l’UE?
  • Dans quelle Union aimeriez-vous vivre en 2020?


Votre avis est important

La Commission européenne s’emploie à renforcer vos droits.

En 2010, la Commission européenne a publié le premier rapport sur la citoyenneté de l’UE pour informer les citoyens européens de leurs droits. Il énumérait 25 actions destinées à faciliter la vie des citoyens. La mise en oeuvre de ces actions est en bonne voie: consultez le tableau de bord spécifique.. Votre point de vue nous aidera à élaborer le prochain rapport sur la citoyenneté de l’UE qui sera publié en 2013, Année européenne des citoyens.

Message of Vice-President Reding :
“In 2013, EU citizenship will celebrate its 20th birthday since its introduction with the entry into force of the Treaty of Maastricht. But instead of looking at history, I challenge you to look to the future — together! As of today, you will have the chance to shape our, YOUR Union. It is time for action. 

European citizenship comes with rights and obligations that go beyond and complement national citizenship. Yet many people continue to face obstacles when exercising their rights as European citizens. Ever tried to get a study grant abroad? Ever tried to register your car in another EU country? Or to buy a product with your credit-card from an online shop in another country? It can be difficult. And that is why we want and we need to hear from you.

Today is Europe Day. And today we are launching the broadest ever public consultation in the history of the European Union so you can express your views. We want to know if you find it complicated to move to another European country, whether for work, studies or on holiday. We want to hear whether you run into difficulties when shopping online from another EU country. And we want to hear your ideas on how to make things work better for all of us in the future.

Share your ideas about how our united continent should look in the year 2020. Your vision today can become reality tomorrow!

On the basis of your ideas we will take actions where we can and where they are most needed.”

Decisions are made by those who show up — Now it is up to you to make your voice heard! You are just one click away!

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